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Mediation & Counseling Consultants

Impartial guidance toward a reasonable resolution.

Helping you resolve Divorce & Custody issues Without the Courts

No one has an easy time dealing with the pain and discord of divorce or the complications associated with child custody, support and visitation.

Too often, divorces become contentious and unmanageable. Many people concede more than they should to avoid conflict, or dig in their heels and fight over issues of relatively minimal importance.

In the end, a court case in which a judge or panel decides the final settlement often results in a less than satisfactory outcome for one or both parties - and visits undue anxiety on any children who are involved.

Mediation can be an Easier and more       Equitable Alternative

In Florida, couples can obtain a divorce that accurately and professionally covers every legal issue that may arise, without both parties paying expensive retainers to attorneys.

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets and Liabilities
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Parenting Plans-Time Sharing-Custody Issues
  • Child Support

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, Family, and Dependency Law Mediator and Arbitrator in Lakeland, Florida, for many years, I have extensive training and experience finding suitable compromises between parties in even the most adversarial cases. I act as an mpartial guide through the tumult and anguish of partnership dissolution and co-parenting arrangements, helping people decide what terms will leave them both the most gratified over time. I help couples negotiate the terms of their ultimate financial and parenting responsibilities and suggest creative solutions to even complex and long-standing conflicts. Mediation offers a less costly, less stressful alternative to court for property and debt distribution, alimony, child custody, shared parenting and child support.

I offer effective and thoughtful negotiations through Pro Se Divorce Mediation, designing Parenting Plans and Custody Sharing Agreements, as well as Social and Forensic Investigations.