This is not unusual for couples at the start, and we are trained for exactly this kind of situation. Our skills and experience enable us to assist our clients to work cooperatively and resolve divorce issues successfully. We will guide and facilitate the dialogue, assist in clarifying issues and gathering information, and guide you step by step through the divorce process

 Suggest to your spouse that he or she call us to discuss the Mediation process before deciding that it is not an option. We will be happy to explain the process and answer any questions your spouse may have.

Full financial disclosure is required by Florida law, whether you choose Mediation or decide to litigate. In Mediation, you and your spouse will sign a Mediation Agreement in which each of you promises full disclosure to the other of all assets and debts, income and expenses. Each spouse will, in addition, sign a statement under penalty of perjury that all financial information has been given to the other spouse. Finally, you and your spouse are required to state to the Court, in your Marital Settlement Agreement, that you have fully complied with all Florida financial disclosure laws.

You will make decisions only after reviewing all the facts and discussing many options, both in Mediation and in separate sessions where we meet with each spouse privately. You will make decisions only when you are ready to make them. You may show your proposed agreement to a family law attorney before making your decisions final. You won’t sign anything until you have decided that it is in your best interests to do so.

We often Mediation changes in court-ordered support and parenting plans, as well as other matters that arise after divorce. Mediation is particularly useful here because it is so much less costly and is much faster than litigating these matters. Of course, in Mediation, you make decisions that fit your unique circumstances, rather than having decisions imposed on you by the Court that may not be satisfactory to either you or your former spouse.

The cost of a typical divorce Mediation is usually less than the cost of the retainer fees you and your spouse would each have to pay to your divorce attorneys. A mediated divorce is always substantially less costly than a litigated divorce. The 3 hour mediation session is a total of $800.00. This fee is typically split between the parties. ($400.00 per party).

You can call us at 863-207-4402 or you can contact us by email:

Step 1: Either the husband or the wife can contact our office to start the process. We will ask you a few basic questions.

Step 2: We speak with the other spouse to verify that they also want to participate in Divorce Mediation.

Step 3: After we receive confirmation from the other spouse we will schedule your first Mediation session. Also, prior to the first session, we will send you written information that will help you get the most out of our services. A deposit is required to schedule your first Mediation Session. Step

4: The husband, the wife, and the mediator meet for as many Mediation sessions as are needed to reach an agreement. Each session is scheduled for 3 hours. The mediator drafts the Mediation agreement and provides a signed copy to both parties. Payment for the session is made at each session.