Successful Mediation Supports Positive Relationships with your Children

Children always benefit from an open and healthy relationship with both parents when the parents are willing to set aside their parenting differences.

Mediation provides an excellent venue for all involved to sit together and design a parenting plan that works for everyone. This process includes conflict resolution and child-centered parenting plans that work for everyone. 

When mediating parenting time, you will explore whether your children will reside in a single home with visits to the other parent or shared custody with both parents. Your children should feel a sense of home with each parent. Your plan can also include conflict resolution and any situations that may be unique to your family unit. After all, the divorce or separation is between the parents, not the parents and the children. This is of the upmost importance in providing the most positive environment for the children. It is the job of the mediator to help parents achieve this goal.

Here are a few “point of interest” topics to keep in mind when using a mediator:

  • Parenting plan mediation focuses on the unique needs of ALL family members. It is tailored to meet the unique needs of the family and achieve the best possible outcome for children.
  • Parents always make the decisions—not the mediator. The mediator is there to provide support and conflict resolution to the family.
  • Mediation gives CONTROL to the parents and not the court.    

There are times when the family is faced with complex circumstances that make things complicated. In that case, parents are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the mediator to determine the best course of action.  Your mediator should have the training and experience to offer options for optimal outcomes in any situation. 

When a new romantic partnership has formed, this will have a bearing on the children and co-parenting relationship.  Parents are encouraged to consider  a “Stepparent Plan” to alleviate the confusion and stress often associated with adding a new member to a family system.

Co-parenting can be difficult emotionally on everyone involved.  A mediator can assist in resolving issues and providing healthy boundaries in your co-parenting process.

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