Should you Block your Spouse on Social Media During Divorce?

Should you block your spouse on social media during divorce?

Today’s digital world has changed almost every aspect of our lives. It can have negative consequences in many scenarios, but primarily when getting a divorce. You must be very mindful of anything posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers released a study stating that more then 80% of divorce attorneys use social media posts as evidence against a spouse during divorce proceedings.

These posts can reveal extra marital affairs as well as other incriminating scenarios that could affect the time you get with your children, as well as the financial aspects of your divorce.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to show some restraint in posting. It may be tempting to “dog” your ex on social media and show the world how you have moved on by checking in at locations as you party with your “soon to be” new beau/gal. These moments of weakness CAN be used against you in a divorce, especially if adultery is illegal in the state that you live in.

Social media can jeopardize your case as well as child custody so let’s go over a few steps that you can take to be proactive to protect yourself.

Change all passwords to all accounts: You do not want your spouse to have any access to any of your accounts, emails, social media, or anything that they can use against you.

Don’t brag about your new life: There will be plenty of time for “living”. This is the time to be private.

Block your ex and anyone that may be sympathetic to your ex. You may consider limiting availability of any information to anyone that you do not trust completely until all this is over.

Don’t hurt your children. Just remember that kids and young adults stay on social media so anything that you post will most likely be seen by them or someone who can show them what you are up to. Remember that they are the innocent in this so oversharing can hurt your relationship.

No checking in! Do not check in, geotag or have your google maps track at all. You do not want to take the chance that your ex may have any access to you where abouts.

We know you are ready to move on with your life but let your mediator help you and your spouse decide what needs to happen with your children and finances. Not social media!

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