Core Divorce Mediation Facts

Mediation is encouraged for persons who have or anticipate having difficulties making decisions to move forward. Most divorces that involve the division of assets and parenting of small children will require this service.

A mediator is a skilled facilitator that works impartially, in a confidential setting, to help couples come up with amicable ways to dissolve their marriage. It allows successful negotiations without lawyers’ fees and can be very useful in positive outcomes.

If you are considering mediation, here are some things that you may consider before a mediation date is scheduled.

• Mediation can be used at any time to avoid cost and time in court proceedings

• Mediation is used as an alternative to court

• The beauty of mediation is that it is flexible, so it provides you room to explore creative issues to any disputes

• Mediation is sometimes used when other negotiation efforts have failed.

• Mediation is a great way to address difficulties in a guided and constructive way.

• Mediation is confidential, so things may be discussed without the bounds of court, until an agreement has been met.

• The parties maintain control of the outcome of their divorce without lawyers or a judge.

• For many people, mediation is a form of closure

• Mediation is a creative alternative to traditional problem solving

• Mediation is a fraction of the cost of lawyer and divorce fees