Avoid Litigation
Use Mediation

Professional Assistance in Divorce, Custody &
Parenting Plans without the need for attorneys


In Florida, couples can obtain a divorce that accurately and professionally covers every legal issue that may arise, without incurring thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees.  Mediation offers a less costly, less stressful alternative to the litigation process.  All necessary issues are addressed and resolved:

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets and Liabilities
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Parenting Plans-Time Sharing-Custody Issues
  • Child Support

Couples who choose to use the Mediation are typically people who want to maintain a good relationship in spite of separating.  Whether they are divorcing, needing to modify an existing judgment or settle their paternity issues, they often still want to be great parents and co-parent well together.  Couples have often told me that while their relationship may not be salvageable, they wish to work together to achieve the best co-parenting relationship for their children.

Divorce Mediation is not a process of wounding the other party.  It is not a WIN/LOSE atmosphere.  I tell every client that divorce is a lose/lose situation.  There is no way to avoid financial loss.  However, in Mediation, we can minimize that loss. Not just for the parties, but primarily for the children involved.  Mediation is a place where solutions are achieved and everyone gains something of value through a very difficult situation.


Minimize your loss, simplify your life and retain humanity in this difficult time.
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Parent Coordination

Assists the parents in creating a parenting plan.
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The study concerning all pertinent details relating to the child and each parent.
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Initiate change in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior through
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"My firm hired Kathy Macchione and was appointed by the Court in a very difficult child custody case. Kathy's work was very detailed and a very good result was ordered by the Court for our client. Without Kathy's detailed report and investigation it could have been determental for the child. I recommend Kathy Macchione Leggett"
Trisha Alderman
Robert Peddy Law, PA

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