Mediation and Counseling Consultants
Assists with Parent Coordination

Before, during, and after a divorce or separation, help is available to find a path through the conflict in the best interest of your children.

mediation services help parent coordination

If you are experiencing ongoing difficulty in co-parenting after a divorce, or developing a parenting plan while seeking your divorce, consider parent coordination services of a professional mediator who is highly trained in conflict resolution and child development.  

Separated Parent Coordination

Parenting coordination provides a child-focused resolution process that assists parents in creating or implementing a parenting plan.  

Mediation and Counseling Consultants has the training and experience to help parents navigate the challenges of co-parenting.


More information on the qualifications and the role of a Parenting Coordinator can be found at

Florida Family Court requires divorcing/separating couples with minor children to complete a DCF approved parenting class before finalizing their divorce. 

Family First Florida Parenting Course