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Mediation can help limit the impact on children.

Parent Coordination and Social Investigations:  



Often times, parents have difficulty adjusting to the concept of co-parenting after they divorce.  When this occurs, it is often helpful to enlist the services of a professional highly trained in conflict resolution and child development.

If you find you are experiencing ongoing difficulty in co-parenting after a divorce or in resolving what seem to be continual obstacles to finding a suitable co-parenting plan while seeking your divorce, you may want to consider the services of a PARENTING COORDINATOR.


In extreme cases, the need may arise to substantially change the time-sharing of one parent due to allegations the Best Interests of the Child and/or Children may be at risk.  However, in any action where the parenting plan is at issue because the parents are unable to agree, the court may order a social investigation and study concerning all pertinent details relating to the child and each parent.  The agency, staff, or person conducting the investigation and study ordered by the court pursuant to this section shall furnish the court and all parties of record in the proceeding a written study containing recommendations, including a written statement of facts found in the social investigation on which the recommendations are based. The court may consider the information contained in the study in making a decision on the parenting plan, and the technical rules of evidence do not exclude the study from consideration.

The court has the responsibility and the final authority for all decisions. Any parenting plan agreed to by the parties or recommended by a professional must be approved by the court.

If you find you are experiencing the need for a professional determination to be made to formulate an opinion as to how parents should share parental responsibility and then recommend the best time-sharing arrangement for each parent and the child, you may want to consider having the court appoint a SOCIAL INVESTIGATION.