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Kathy Macchione Leggett

Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil, Family & Dependency Law Mediator

Early in my profession, I worked in a very contentious family law practice. I witnessed couples being pitted against each other and families torn apart. Litigation would often drag on for years and when the divorce was finally granted, both parties were emotionally exhausted and financially drained.

Since 2007 I have been mediating cases for couples who want to be in control of the outcome of their divorce and would rather keep the thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees for themselves and their children.

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, I am trained to assist families who wish to work out the terms of their divorce or parenting schedules without the heartache and cost of litigation.

Unlike other mediators, I am also a practicing mental health clinician, and have the ability to help you navigate through the emotional ups and downs everyone experiences with divorce.

As a Mediator, I do not represent either party. I work for both of you and guide you to make decisions that are in the best interest of your children as well as to accomplish the best outcome for your futures.

  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator
    – Nova Southeastern University, Orlando, FL

  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Court Mediator
    – University Of South Florida, Tampa, FL

  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Dependency Court Mediator
    – University Of South Florida, Tampa, FL

  • State of Florida Certified Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator
    – University Of South Florida, Tampa, FL

  • Florida Qualified Arbitrator
    – FL Supreme Court Approved Arbitrator Training

  • Training in the Interdisciplinary Team Model of Collaborative Practice
    – Orlando, FL

  • Conflict Coaching
    – Peacemaker Ministries – Orlando, FL

  • Parent Coordination Certification – University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

  • American Academic of Forensic Psychologists – Child Custody Evaluation training,
    – Jonathan Gould, Psy.D., ABPP, Diplomate in Forensic Psychology American Board of Professional Psychology – Charleston, SC

  • Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling – Licensed Mental Health Therapist
    – Southern Christian University, Birmingham, AL

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I contacted Kathy,when I needed help with a family issue. We needed someone not related who could give her professional opinion from the outside looking in. Thank you again Kathy.
Laurie Mckinney
Laurie Mckinney
Private, professional and prompt. Great to work with. Explains things to make it an easier experience.
Amanda Duchscherer
Amanda Duchscherer
Kathy was very fast with what I needed help with & communication was perfect! Thank you!
Erica Hylan
Erica Hylan
I am thankful to Kathy for her mediation services during our divorce. The fees were reasonable and we received the personal attention we needed to discuss our situation and explore mutually agreeable solutions. Kathy was that neutral third party we could trust to answer our questions with compassion and patience. Her timely communication and assistance with completing and filing our paperwork really helped ease the stress of the divorce process. I am grateful we had her to guide us and highly recommend her services to others.
Karissa Avery
Karissa Avery
Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times full of emotions, stress, and an overload of information. I could not be more thankful to have had Kathy guide us through this process. She explained everything in great detail so we had no questions when we finalized everything. Thankfully my ex husband and I maintained a great friendship through the process so she was able to help us maintain fairness and respect with each other. She helped us navigate things we had not even thought of that have been so helpful in our coparenting plan to this day. I highly recommend Kathy to anyone and everyone who finds themselves in a situation that requires mediation. There is NO way we could have divorced with dignity like we did without her knowledge and kindness.
Autum Bassham
Autum Bassham
Working with Kathy was both easy and professional. She made us feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible. She helped us with all of our paperwork and made sure everything was completed. When I called to set our final hearing the exact words from the courthouse were “I wished everyone’s paperwork was like yours. You are all set”. Thank you, Kathy!
Todd Moore
Todd Moore
Thanks again, 10 years later and still appreciate your wisdom. I can't speak highly enough of the quality and scope of the services they offer. At one of the worst moments in my life they were able to help sort out the issues and save us the expense of protracted litigation, while making sure our children were not caught in the middle. Both parties received fair and equitable results, best possible outcome for us. Spoke to contact again today while making a referral and it is like talking to an old friend that you trust. Good advice in a troubling moment.
Carol BinFLA
Carol BinFLA
Welcoming and understanding! Kathy has been more than accommodating to our needs and schedule. She is so pleasant to work with. Even when my communication stills are lacking, Kathy has been able to help me better understand and articulate myself. I can't recommend her enough. Kathy has time to dedicate to helping me improve myself and my relationships. Her Biblical foundations are comforting. She brings out the answers through my own self discovery - knowing that is my best path, inspiring me to be a better person.
She is truly amazing. Kathy has worked with me for years and helped me through some challenging times. She has always made time to for me, whether it be scheduling a last minute appointment or for a phone call. She has always went above and beyond and has completely changed my life. Kathy is a true professional. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a counselor, therapist, or a friend to reach out to her. There is no one better!
Craig H
Craig H
Kathy is an exceedingly insightful person. Although she a respected Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, Family & Dependency Law Mediator / Arbitrator; She also is one of less than 200 LMHCs nationwide who have undergone the training and certification in a new breakthrough cure for PTSD called Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM). Scientific studies have proven it to be 92% effective in the permanent remission of PTSD symptoms. She is amazing at this technique. In 3 sessions of less than 60 minutes each she achieved what other LMHC, Psychiatrists, and Physicians could not do with 4 years of traditional therapy and pills. In very short order, she cured me of my violent dreams, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts. Amazing life changer. If you suffer from any type of PTS: combat, sexual assault, or anything that causes you violent dreams, flashbacks or intrusive thoughts, Kathy should be your first stop on a way to a new life without PTSD.


Our mediations are conducted virtually while you are in the comfort of your own home, with the ability to still speak privately with your mediator in a break out room.

Once we’ve reached an amicable settlement agreement, all of your court documents are prepared and e-filed with the court.

Your Final Hearing will be held virtually as well.

Pre-Suit Divorce Mediation not only saves you MONEY but it also saves TIME.

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An Experienced Mediator Can Make a Significant Difference
During Difficult & Emotional Times

Even when couples are working well together, divorce is a very emotional process. Because Kathy Leggett is also a seasoned mental health clinician, she can help you navigate through this difficult time and provide resources for you, your spouse, and your children if needed.

Litigation can often take up to 2 years even with a simple divorce. Dragging through the court system is an emotionally draining period of time. Everyone goes through the normal adjustment process that accompanies divorce – but Divorce Mediation works quickly and efficiently helping you to move forward and live your new life.