Divorce Mediation
Your Attorney Alternative

Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which you and your spouse (or former spouse or co-parent), with the assistance of an impartial mediator, make decisions that affect you and your children's lives. The agreement you arrive at must be acceptable to both parties and the agreement then forms the basis for an uncontested divorce. 

Mediation can take place even if you are in litigation. You can mediate any time before the final hearing. However, by the time you are deeply involved in litigation, both parties will probably have paid a significant amount of attorney fees. 

Couples facing divorce are urged to consider getting the assistance of a family mediator before retaining divorce attorneys. The mediator is a neutral party who cannot order either of you to do anything. He or she will help to defuse emotions, and guide both of you through the web of difficult issues.

Through extensive training and experience, a mediator can often suggest creative solutions to problems that the parties may have considered insoluble. They deal with every issue involved in the dissolution of a marriage:   Equitable distribution of property and debts, child support, custody, time-sharing, and spousal support. Assistance is available in virtually every subject necessary to achieve an agreement and file an uncontested divorce.

     DIGNITY & CONFIDENTIALITY:  Instead of airing these personal and often painful subjects in a public arena (the courtroom), you deal with them in the privacy and confidential setting of the mediator's office.  At the end of the process, you maintain respect for yourself and each other, knowing you have worked together to resolve your differences.

     FINANCIAL SAVINGS:  The cost of Divorce Mediation is significantly less than battling it out with opposing divorce attorneys.  Mediation typically costs less than the retainer of just one attorney.

     EMOTIONAL COST:  Most importantly, the process helps the parties avoid destructive battles, which impacts your children emotionally. The mediation process is much faster from beginning to end than the litigation process.  This enables you to move on with your life and live a new life past your divorce. 

Remember, if you cannot reach agreement with a mediator, the divorce lawyer is always there to help you.

While Divorce Mediation is not marriage counseling, the question of saving the marriage is sometimes explored. Supervised communication between the spouses sometimes results in a desire to seek counseling to save the marriage. However, the primary objective of Divorce Mediation is to assist parties who have decided upon divorce get through the process in a less confrontational setting.



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