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Divorce Pre-Suit Mediation without children offers a non-confrontational avenue for dissolving your marriage, serving as a viable alternative to litigation. Mediation handles all divorce facets, such as division of assets & debts, alimony (if applicable), and pension and retirement accounts.

Studies indicate that couples who co-create their own divorce agreements are likelier to adhere to them and feel satisfied, as opposed to having a judge decide asset division.

Acting as a neutral Mediator, I guide both parties towards decisions that align with your individual best interests and future objectives. Pre-Suit Divorce Mediation is a voluntary avenue that commences only upon mutual agreement. It empowers you to control your own divorce outcome.

Should one spouse opt for court-based divorce, mandatory Mediation will eventually be required by the judge, with the aim of resolving disputes mutually. If no accord is reached, judicial rulings will finalize asset division and marital liabilities.
Considering Mediation as a first step can circumvent the stress and costs of litigation. Financial and temporal concerns must be assessed. Essentially, you choose between a prompt, mutually-agreed outcome now or a possibly protracted, court-decided outcome later.

At Mediation & Counseling Consultants, we affirm that only you can determine what’s optimal for your personal future. Over 20 years, we’ve guided hundreds of couples through pivotal life changes during emotionally volatile times.

Our support extends until your Final Judgment is officially court-endorsed.

Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil, Family & Dependency Law Mediator, Kathy Macchione Leggett. An Experienced Divorce Mediator You Can Trust.


Kathy Macchione Leggett has been serving attorneys and their clients as a Civil, Family and Dependency Law Mediator since 2007. Whether working in a divorce matter or a wrongful death suit, attorneys have found her psychology background to serve as a crucial asset for cases involving emotionally charged clients. Family Law Experience: Ms. Leggett’s experience in Family Law began in 1985. She expanded her qualifications in domestic cases to include becoming a Qualified Parenting Coordinator, Social Investigator and Licensed Mental Health Clinician. She has assisted over 1000 families in developing working Parenting Plans as well as guiding couples through the turmoil of dissolving their marriage.

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Civil Law Experience: In 2009, Ms. Leggett was a founding partner at Central Florida Mediation Group and assisted in training fellow mediators in Foreclosure Mediation during the housing crisis. Since 2011, she has worked as a mediator for the Florida Department of Financial Services, mediating hundreds of claims between homeowners and their insurance companies to resolve their claim disputes. She has handled various types of civil cases, including property disputes, breach of contract, auto accident claims, probate and HOA disputes.

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