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Mediation For Modification of Final Judgement or Court Order

Modification Mediation offers a non confrontational pathway for amending an existing Court Order or Final Judgment.

Mediation for Modification of Final Judgement or Court Order

Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil, Family & Dependency Law Mediator, Kathy Macchione Leggett. An Experienced Divorce Mediator You Can Trust.

Modification Mediation can provide a non-adversarial option to making necessary changes to an existing Court Order or Final Judgment.

Some examples are:

    • As children get older, changes may need to be made to the way you co-parent and how often the child/children are with each of you.
    • If one parent shows a substantial change of circumstances such as a drastic change in income, you would need to modify child support accordingly.
    • A parent may need to move and that new residence is more than 50 miles from the other parent.

Mediation has proven to be an excellent alternative to litigation. All aspects concerning any modifications needed can be resolved through Mediation.

Statistics show that when a couple work toward modifying their own Agreement, that they are more likely to abide by it and be satisfied with it as opposed to it being ordered by a judge.

As a Mediator, I do not represent either party. I work for both of you and guide you to make decisions that are in your best interest as well as to accomplish the best outcome for your futures.

Pre-Suit Modification is a voluntary process and will not take place unless you agree to participate. Mediation is your opportunity to determine what changes are being made to amend your Final Judgment.

In the event one party files a Petition For Modification through the court, the judge will eventually order the two of you to participate in the Mediation process hoping that you come to resolve your differences on your own. If a decision cannot be made, the judge will ultimately rule on your case regarding all issues.

By attempting Mediation first, the aggravation of litigation can often times be avoided. Litigation is typically an expensive process as well as a time-consuming process. These factors need to be weighed when you go into mediation. For example, “Do I want to come to an agreement where I know what I am getting now? Or do I want to litigate and wait months or possibly years down the road to have a judge decide on the final outcome?” Neither decision is a bad decision. But the factors simply need to be applied to your individual situation.

At Mediation & Counseling Consultants, we believe only you can know what is best for yourself, your children and your future. Over the past 20 years, we’ve assisted hundreds of couples in resolving very important decisions, during a highly emotional time of transition.

We are here for you throughout the entire process until your Final Judgment is signed by the court.

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Research indicates that couples who cooperatively amend their own Agreements are generally more committed to and satisfied with the outcomes than those with court-ordered modifications.

As your Mediator, I impartially facilitate discussions aimed at your mutual well-being and future stability. Pre-Suit Modification is a consensual process. It will commence only if both parties agree, offering you control over alterations to your Final Judgment.

Should one party file a Petition for Modification, court protocol will direct you towards Mediation to foster mutual resolution. Should that fail, judicial decisions will be imposed.
Opting for Mediation initially can often bypass the time, stress, and cost involved in litigation.

You’ll need to weigh immediate resolution against the unknowns of extended legal proceedings. At Mediation & Counseling Consultants, we believe that only you can decide what’s best for you, your children, and your future. Over two decades, we’ve guided countless couples through pivotal decisions in emotionally trying times.

We stand by you until your amended Final Judgment is court-approved.


Our mediations are conducted virtually while you are in the comfort of your own home, with the ability to still speak privately with your mediator in a break out room.

Once we’ve reached an amicable settlement agreement, all of your court documents are prepared and e-filed with the court.

Your Final Hearing will be held virtually as well.

Pre-Suit Divorce Mediation not only saves you MONEY but it also saves TIME.

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