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Situations Where Mediation Is Required

Situations Where Mediation Is Required

Mediation is not for everyone and everything. Let us look at the scenarios where mediation would prove to be a good resource:


Divorce is one of the problems where mediation is highly successful. The mediator helps to resolve problems related to child custody or even alimony. Mediation resolves divorce disputes outside of court, makes it quick and easier, and helps the parents to solve problems with harmony.

Family disputes

Family disputes can be resolved without going to court. For instance, many people go to court for division of property. The process gets messier, and it ends up creating a rift between the families. It’s better to resolve this conflict with the help of a mediator by agreeing to a common ground and still preserving relations.

Workplace conflicts

Workplace conflicts are the worst. You have to work together, so the conflicts should be resolved in the presence of a mediator. Mediation would be much easier in such a scenario.

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