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The Process of Mediation: Breaking Down the Steps

The Process of Mediation: Breaking Down the Steps

The process of mediation is one that requires a lot of attention and focus, it involves a series of steps that lead to participants agreeing to work together to come up with a final solution following everyone. Let us get into the details of the steps involved during the meditation process:

The first step is setting the tone, which is extremely important before moving on with the session. The meditator does this. They start by introducing themselves, setting up some ground rules, and ensuring that everything discussed during the session remains confidential. This eases the whole environment, allowing the participants to start their discussion comfortably.

The mediator allows each party to express their concerns regarding the problem. Once done, the mediator helps the parties understand each other’s perspective clearly so that everyone is on the same page. Moving on, the meditator points out the areas of agreement and disagreement among the parties and helps them decide upon a common ground by making a few compromises in their requirements and needs.

Effective communication is essential when it comes to mediation. It is the meditator’s role to make sure he or she listens and understands the perspectives of each party, notes down the points for discussion and promotes effective communication and discussion between the parties to help them come up with a proper solution to the problem. The mediator then starts with the negotiating step among the parties. Without this step, it would be difficult to resolve the conflict. Each party must compromise and negotiate to make things easier.

Once all is decided upon, the mediator creates a formal agreement that includes all the points discussed and decided upon by the parties. The parties read and sign the agreement to seal the deal. The mediator’s job doesn’t end here. They have to ensure that the decided solution is being implemented and that there are no more issues among the parties.

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